What is a “delayed ship order?”

Credit cards are required to be settled in a timely manner once your order is received which is generally between one and three days of the date of the order.  Our product is housed not only in our warehouse but in our remote stores.  Occasionally stock must be retrieved from another physical location to complete your order.  Depending on our truck schedule, this could add up to a week to the processing time.  This “delay” between the credit card settling and the actual shipment of product is why your order is called a “delayed ship order.” 


If I order an item, is it guaranteed to be shipped?

Generally, if the system allows you to place your order, the item you’ve requested is in stock.  Sometimes multiple orders are placed for the same item at the same time and all stock is exhausted.  Sometimes we have the item in stock but it’s damaged and can’t be shipped.  In cases like these, if the item you requested is no longer available the related deposit is credited back to the card used in the order and you’ll receive an email advising you that the item is not available.


How is my order shipped?

Orders in the Speedee Delivery Service area (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, North Dakota and portions of South Dakota and Missouri) are shipped via Speedee.  Orders outside those areas are shipped via UPS ground, UPS Surepost or USPS.  If you’re checking for approximate shipping time, your order will always be shipping from Appleton, Wisconsin.


Can my order be expedited?

Online shipping charges do not include expedited shipping.  If you want an order expedited, contact us at 1.800.236.7467 for expedited options and rates.

How do I purchase a Learning Shop gift card?

Please give us a call at 1.800.236.7467.  We can issue gift cards for any denomination and mail them out!


Can I pay for my order with a Learning Shop gift card?

Due to system constraints, we’re not able to accept a Learning Shop gift card through our normal online payment process.  If you want to use a gift card to pay for an online order, please contact us at 1.800.236.7467 and we’ll be happy to assist!